Company Profile


裕德服装有限公司是具有三十多年发展历史的服装行业老字号企业,经过三十多年特别是本世纪近十年的快速发展,企业规模、效益连续翻番, 昔日不见经传的小草,如今已成大树,枝繁叶茂,生机盎然。
Yude Garment Co., Ltd. is a time-honored enterprise which has a development history of over 30 years, and having been through over 30 years’ especially the last decade’s rapid development, the enterprise scale and profit doubles in succession. A tiny grass previously not well-known now grows to be a large tree, more vibrant and plentiful.

如今的裕德,已经发展成为占地面积3万多平方米, 拥有员工700多人,技术装备800多台套,年产能430多万件各类服装,100多家专卖店和连锁店,集研发设计、生产制造、品牌营销、国际贸易、技术服务为一体的大型时装骨干企业。公司已拥有“YOTAS”、“雅艾丝”、 “唯玖”等多个时装知名品牌,产品销往三十多个国家和地区,先后获得“海宁市纳税超1000万元户”、“浙江省进出口质量诚信企业”、“省出口工业产品分类管理— 一类企业”、“中国服装协会常务理事单位”、“海宁市消费者满意单位”、“广东省抗震救灾社会捐赠先进集体”等荣誉称号。
Currently Yude has developed to a large-scale key enterprise of having over 30, 000 square meters floor area, over 700 employees, over 800 technical equipments, an annual output of over 4.3 million all kinds of garments, over 100 franchise stores and chain stores and integrating R & D, design, manufacture & fabrication, brand marketing, international trade and technical service. The company has famous brands such as“YOTAS”, “Ya-Ai-Si” and “Wei-Jiu” with its products being sold to over 30 countries and regions, which has won honorary titles of “Haining Main Taxpayer of Paying over 10 Million Tax”, “Zhejiang Import and Export Enterprise of Quality Integrity”, “Provincial Export Industrial Products Sort Management – Class I Enterprise”, “Standing Member of China National Garment Association”, “Haining Unit of ConsumerSatisfaction”, “Guangdong Advanced Collective of Social Donation for Earthquake Relief Work”, etc.

裕德服装有限公司以“创造时装精品, 传播时装文化,装扮天下女性”为己任,致力于打造时装集团,让美丽的企业创造美丽的事业和美好的明天。
Yude Garment Co., Ltd. makes its aim “creating fashion boutique, spreading fashion culture and dressing up all women throughout the world”, dedicated in creating a fashion group, a beautiful enterprise creating a beauty career and beautiful future.